Helping Out Bee Kind MN

One of our friends asked us to help out with a project to help the bee population in Minnesota. We’re happy to do it and will even add a bee house (not a hive, but a house) to our property. For the whole story, go to this link –> bee kind MN or follow them on

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Implant Process on #4, part 1 of 3

Today we are starting a short series on implant restoration to replace individual teeth. It consists of three parts, with part one including the loss of the patient’s original, natural tooth #4, which is a premolar on the upper right side. The subject patient’s tooth #4 has been previously endodontically treated and fractured prior to

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Flossing – One Dentist’s anecdotal evidence

For those people that have written about the lack of evidence that flossing is beneficial to a person’s dental health I have two things to say: 1. “Slow news day? When you explain the results of this study to me, please speak in another direction so I don’t have to smell your breath.” 2. Life

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Depression and your oral health

It is only recently that the link between dry mouth, caused by medications, including anti-depressants, and tooth decay / gum disease has been more widely known by the general public. However, people that have experience depression have known for a long time that it can take away the enthusiasm for many things in daily life.

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2016 Dental Office Party

This post is kind of a throw-back because the party was held a couple months ago, but I realized I had a great picture and it was never posted. The dental office group had a great time with drinks, games and prizes (lucky Cory was the big winner again this year), and great food provided

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Oral Cancer

 Be assured that every time Dr Amble inspects the soft tissues of the mouth , [ tongue and  inside cheeks]  he is carefully checking for a variety of possible oral lesions. Some of these variations from normal may simply be ” frictional keratosis” which is cheek or lip biting habits . More significant might be

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Gummy versus Chalky

Consumers have so many choices at stores now, one of which is chewable vitamins. Generally, dental professionals recommend a chalky type chewable supplement as it does not adhere deep into the pits of the back teeth. A gummy vitamin leaves bits of sticky, sugary material on the molars, which can lead to possible tooth decay.

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Literally falling out of your head

There is a relationship between regular dental visits and keeping your teeth into your elderly years. The following graph shows the relationship, by state, between the percentage of seniors with no natural teeth and the percentage of residents who have visited the dentist in the past year.  

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Autumn is in the air

Love these colors and shapes. Maple leaves remind me of childhood.

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Teddy Bear

Pencil drawing with shading by a patient.

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